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About Me

Hello, I'm Cora. I offer modern, down-to-earth therapy for Millennials, Gen. Z, and the LGBTQ+ community.  

I'm experienced in helping people address anxiety, depression, burnout and perfectionism; relationships, communication and boundaries; family challenges; low self-esteem and self-criticism; identity, life direction and meaning; bereavement and loss; and gender, sexuality and relationship diversity (GSRD). 


I also often work with people who can't quite put a finger on what brings them to therapy, but they know something needs to change - perhaps they want to feel less stuck, or more comfortable within themselves, or as if their life fits them better. Sometimes nothing in particular is 'wrong', but we know things could feel more 'right'. 

Whatever brings you to therapy, I work with you to help you make the changes you want for yourself. At your pace, we explore your past, present and future, always keeping your goals for therapy at the forefront of our focus. Together, we look to develop more clarity, awareness and understanding, so that you can find the right way forward for you.

As an Integrative therapist, I blend together ideas from many different places. My work is underpinned by my background in studying philosophy, languages and literature. Film and TV, podcasts, sport and video games are also significant influences. Ideas that can deepen our understanding of our own experience are present in the world we engage with every day, so I find it helpful to use the window into ourselves - and the shared language and context - that art and culture can provide.

I'm an Accredited member of the BACP, and have been in private practice since 2018. I'm sometimes joined in sessions by my calico cat Rizzo, who fortunately adheres to the same confidentiality standards as I do.

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