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Welcome to 'Talking Curious': an introduction

Hello, and welcome to my blog, ‘Talking Curious’. While I hope this name paints an instructive picture of a blog written by a therapist about things that aren’t just ‘garden-variety therapy’, it is also one of many terrible psychotherapy puns that will probably proliferate through these pages. This seems like an apt opportunity to issue a blanket apology for all those that follow!

Here, I’m going to write about several different aspects of art and culture – for example, books, film and TV, video games, music and sport - through the lens of a therapist's perspective (spoiler alert - I will be that therapist). This is both a subject that really interests me, and one that I think is quite useful. I hope it will demonstrate that the conversations we have in the therapy room aren’t so different to those we encounter in the things we like to watch, read and listen to - and that we can gain a lot of insight into ourselves and our lives from talking about our experiences of art and culture. I think it’s important to show that the ideas that can be really helpful and impactful aren’t walled-off in a special ‘therapy-only’ place, but are, in fact, present in the world we engage with every day.

So, fingers crossed we can find some fun things to ‘talk curious’ about, and that we can all be happy I resisted the urge to call this blog ‘Therapy, She Wrote’: my tribute to Angela Lansbury’s TV detective Jessica Fletcher will have to wait another day…


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